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Shop floor accident claims

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Shop floor accident claims

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), over 100,000 injuries are reported in the UK every year due after slip, trip and fall injuries in the workplace, many occurring on the ‘shop floor’ of a supermarket, factory or warehouse.

If you have suffered an injury that occurred on the shop floor of your workplace that wasn’t your fault, our team of highly qualified, reputable accident at work solicitors can help you to make a claim for compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Experts in the field of accident at work compensation claims, we proudly continue to represent accident at work victims on a No Win No Fee basis.

Your Right to Claim

In the UK, the law entitles accident at work victims to receive access to justice for any injuries that have been caused by the negligence of an employer.

Shop Floor Accident at Work Claims

At the Work Claims Bureau, we proudly continue to represent people who have suffered injuries due to:

  • Falls from a height on the shop floor
  • Wet or slippery surfaces 
  • Tripping over boxes, wires or litter
  • Trips and falls on staircases

We have handled a variety of cases for people who have been injured in a shop floor accident.

No matter the circumstances of your accident, we will endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome and assist you with any support, care or rehabilitation you may require. We will also consider any financial losses you may have incurred.

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