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Needlestick/sharp injury claims

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Needlestick/sharp injury claims

Anyone can be hurt by a sharp object, but needlestick injuries are especially a concern for people who work in disposal services, social care, the NHS or the private medical sector.

However, this type of work injury is not limited to any particular field. Sharp injuries often affect people who operate within the construction industry, due to hazards such as protruding nails.

A puncture wound can be distressing enough but there is also a risk of infection.

In some cases, infections such as hepatitis, tetanus or even HIV can be passed on via a small cut or prick from a sharp object.  

If you suffer a needlestick or sharps injury in work, you could be entitled to claim compensation if your employer:

  • Failed to assess a risk in the workplace
  • Failed to provide proper training
  • Failed to provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Failed to make sure the working area was safe
  • Failed to properly secure or label needles and other sharps
  • Failed to ensure that work equipment or machinery was safe

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If you have suffered a needlestick or sharp injury, at work, in a public place or whilst under the care of medical professionals, we could help you to make a potential claim for compensation on a No Win No Fee basis.

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Damages and losses

In addition to the damages you could be entitled to for the pain and suffering your injury has caused, we will also help you to claim financial compensation for any other costs you incur, such as lost earnings, prescription costs and travel costs.

As well as the obvious physical dangers of needlestick injuries, the ordeal can have a lasting psychological impact.  Work Claims Bureau will ensure that any such effects are accounted for in valuing your claim.

No Win No Fee, No Risk to You

At Work Claims Bureau, every needlestick injury claim or sharps injury claim we are instructed to deal with is handled on a No Win No Fee basis.

This is an agreement between us on how the claim will work; provided you comply with the agreement, you won’t be liable for any legal costs in the event your claim is unsuccessful.

If your claim is accepted by your solicitor, your solicitor will discuss a success fee with you, which will never be greater than 25% of the settlement you receive and in the unlikely event of your claim being unsuccessful, you will not have to pay a single penny.