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Forklift truck accident claims

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Forklift truck accident claims

Lack of training or inadequate training and unsafe conduct from fellow employees are some of the most common causes of forklift truck accidents in the workplace. 

If you have suffered an injury due to a forklift truck accident that wasn’t your fault, whether as a driver or pedestrian, our team of specialist accident at work solicitors could help you make a successful claim for compensation.

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Types of accident

A common sight at construction or building sites, manufacturing industries and warehouses, forklift trucks can be involved in accidents such as:

  • Collisions
  • Forklift trucks that have toppled over and injured somebody nearby
  • Careless operation
  • Items that have been stacked incorrectly that fall onto someone
  • Trucks running over someone’s foot
  • A loss of control after hitting a pothole or when going down a steep slope
  • A malfunction of the forklift truck due to poor maintenance.

If you have suffered an injury due to a forklift truck accident that wasn’t your fault, we can help you to achieve the best possible outcome. We will also discuss any medical care, support or rehabilitation needs you have to assist your recovery.  We’ll look to recover any financial losses you have incurred, such as loss of earnings and any other reasonable expenses..

Your right to claim

Your employer has a legal responsibility and duty of care to ensure certain measures are put into place to ensure you can carry out your job in a safe working environment.  Where forklift trucks are being operated, health and safety measures should be adhered to so that employees and any onsite visitors are also protected.

Your employer should also minimise the risk of accidents by using signs to warn employees and visitors to not walk around any areas where forklift trucks are being operated.

Failing to abide by health and safety regulations, including the maintenance of forklift trucks, provision of adequate safety wear, equipment and training can lead to legal action being pursued by accident victims.

Forklift Truck Accident Compensation

To pursue a successful forklift truck accident claim, we will need to prove that the accident was caused either due to the negligence of your employer, or as a result of someone else’s negligence or mistake.

There are a few things you should do immediately after the accident that will assist your solicitor in progressing your claim, for example:

  • Obtaining a copy of the incident report
  • Obtaining a witness statement off any employees or onsite visitors who saw the accident take place
  • Provide any photographic evidence of your injuries and/or of the accident scene that support how and why the accident happened.

It’s also helpful to provide your solicitor with:

  • Details of to whom you reported the accident 
  • Details of your GP, hospital or any other medical establishment you have attended for your injuries
  • The dates you have required off work due to the injuries you have suffered
  • Any receipts for the costs of medical care, treatment or rehabilitation 

No Win, No Fee

At Work Claims Bureau, our team of highly reputable forklift truck solicitors have an impressive success rate and will represent your case on a No Win No Fee basis.

This is an agreement between us on how the claim will work; provided you comply with the agreement, you won’t be liable for any legal costs in the event your claim is unsuccessful.

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