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Pelvis and Hip Injury Claims

Hundreds of injuries to the tissue and bones around the pelvis and hip joints occur in the workplace every year.

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Pelvis and Hip Injury Claims

Pelvis and hip injuries comprise relatively minor soft tissue injuries right through to more severe crush injuries and fractures which can have a huge impact on the victim’s day to day life.

Many pelvis and hip injuries arise from working with heavy objects and machinery, as well as slips, trips and falls in the workplace including falls from ladders and high platforms. If you have suffered injury to the pelvis or hips in work that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to make a claim for damages.

Your employer has a duty of care to its employees to take steps to minimize the risk of accidents in the workplace, and there is legislation in place that covers all their responsibilities, as well as those of you as a worker.

If your employer has not fulfilled its obligations in this regard and you’ve been injured as a result, then it is right and proper for you to pursue damages.

At Work Claims Bureau, our specialist solicitors have a wealth of experience in assisting workers in the UK secure the award of compensation they deserve. From the moment you contact us, we’ll explain how the claims process works and the steps we’ll need to take on your behalf. We will also keep you regularly updated on the progress of your claim and provide you with the quality support you need.

Typical awards for injuries to the pelvis and hips

The awards brackets shown* relate to the ‘general damages’ (this means the award for the injury and associated pain, suffering and loss of amenity). There are two elements to any award in a successful accident at work compensation claim: ‘general damages’ and ‘special damages’ (expenses and other material losses arising from the injuries).

Severe (involving permanent major residual disabilities and/or serious complications/deformity): £34,340 to £104,370

Moderate (where the permanent disability is not major and low risk of future complications): £11,040 to £34,340

Lesser Injuries (where injury is significant but little or no residual disability: £3,460 to £11,040

Minor soft tissue injuries with complete recovery: Up to £3,460

*based on the 14th edition of the Judicial College guidelines

Other losses you could be due include lost earnings, medical expenses, injury-related travel costs, and the cost of any additional help you needed after you were injured. We are meticulous in ensuring that all losses are covered, that any award is fair and that successful claimants are not left at the mercy of the insurer.

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