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Neck and Back Injury Claims

According to RIDDOR statistics, there were almost 13,000 reported neck or back injuries at work in the UK in 2016-2017.  This amounts to around 36 such workplace injuries every single day.

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Neck and Back Injury Claims

Work Claims Bureau assist workers in the UK every year who suffer neck and back injuries in circumstances such as:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Muscular and skeletal disorders from repetitive tasks, manual handling or heavy lifting.
  • Driving vehicles such as dump trucks on uneven surfaces
  • Falling objects
  • Working in awkward spaces or unsuitable workstations

The most serious spinal injuries can leave workers paralysed or needing permanent care. Even seemingly less serious neck and back strains and sprains can lead to prolonged periods of reduced capacity that disrupt work and home life.

When would an employer be at fault for a workplace neck or back injury?

Employees in the UK are protected by several acts of legislation relating to the safety of their workplace, equipment and job responsibilities.

If you’ve suffered a neck or back injury at work, you could be entitled to pursue compensation from your employer if:

  • Proper training was not provided to you or others working with you, or
  • The workplace / office was unsafe
  • Work equipment or machinery was unsafe
  • A proper risk assessment was not carried out on a task
  • The right number of staff were not allocated to a task
  • The correct personal protective equipment was not provided

Typical awards for neck and back injuries

The awards brackets shown* relate to the ‘general damages’ (this means the award for the injury and associated pain, suffering and loss of amenity). There are two elements to any award in a successful accident at work compensation claim: ‘general damages’ and ‘special damages’ (expenses and other material losses arising from the injuries). In cases of more severe injury, the award for ‘special damages’ can be greater than the award for the injury itself.

Severe – where there is serious permanent pain, impairment to function or paralysis: £34,000 to £142,000

Moderate – residual permanent pain, discomfort and impairment of function is considerable but less severe than above, or a recovery over several years:£6,900 to £34,000

Minor – injuries with a complete or almost complete recovery lasting from a few months to 2 years:  £1,500 to £6,900

*based on the 14th edition of the Judicial College guidelines

‘Special Damages’ in head Injury Compensation Claims

These expenses can typically include:

  • Loss of Earnings and loss of future earnings
  • The cost of private physiotherapy
  • The cost of paid care or additional care provided by loved ones
  • The cost of travel to and from medical appointments
  • The cost of medical prescriptions
  • Loss of use of vehicles

Work Claims Bureau have years of experience in handling neck and back injury compensation claims. If you or someone you know has sustained such an injury in an accident at work, speak to one of our helpful team today on 0808 2565 184 or complete our online enquiry form.