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Internal organ injury claims

Work Claims Bureau’s specialist solicitors have a proud history of seeking justice for those developing serious injuries and health conditions in the course of their duties.

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Internal organ injury claims

Accidents and unsafe practices at work can lead to employees sustaining injury to internal organs or developing health conditions which can have huge repercussions on work, domestic and social lives.  In the worst cases, life expectancy can be reduced.

Work Claims Bureau are here to help if you have suffered injury to internal organs in the course of your work, through no fault of your own.  Employers must comply with a number of health and safety regulations, otherwise they could be found negligent in failing to take steps to make the working environment safe for employees.

Every day, workers in the UK are exposed to hazards as a result of dangerous machinery, deficient risk assessment, poor working practices, inadequate training and not being provided with proper equipment

We have assisted a number of clients whose lives have been badly affected by damage to internal organs, including:

  • Respiratory problems, lung disease and lung damage from inhalation of toxic fumes
  • Asthma
  • Asbestosis
  • Damage to the reproductive system
  • Damage to digestive system and food poisoning
  • Hernias

Some clients have reservations about pursuing claims as they either fear their employer will hold this against them in some way, or that their working relationships will be affected. Workers who haven’t been in their position for a long time may worry that a negligence claim may even lead to termination of their employment contract.

Your employer’s duties

Your employer should have a liability policy with an insurer; this ensures that they are covered in the event that a work accident claim is successfully made against them.  There is also legislation in place to protect you from unfair dismissal; any employer must be able to justify dismissals arising from claims; they would otherwise face further claims under employment law.

If you want to discuss this with our expert team in more detail, we’re always happy to help.

Michael Walker, who heads up our qualified, specialist team, explains how Work Claims Bureau help workers claim for internal organ injuries across the UK:

“When you come to us, we’ll assess your claim and be up-front about the process.  Many clients may feel very vulnerable and uncertain about the future after an accident at work; we take pride in relentlessly pursuing the best interests for our client, from submitting the claim, to arguing liability on your behalf and putting you in touch with the right medical expert in order to prove and quantify your claim.”

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